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Debut Date June 6, 2012 a real work in progress stay tuned!!!
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Welcome to Internet TV                               Documentary Page Presents Dr. Tammy Brazil "Queen of Dragons" Former De-Tox Doctor from Los Angeles now in Shasta Lake California We are a Members Only Collective  We offer a Non-profit Medical Marijuana Collective Store-front of Exceptional Medical Marijuana that doesn't usually reach your most needy patients...Keeping our patient/farmers in house, and not accepting meds from outside sources, we can provide exceptional quality med's for our patients whose mobility is limited, or just don't have the space to grow. 5044 Shasta Dam Blvd Shasta Lake City, California 96019 exit 685 from I-5 (530) 276-9771 and North East Trees @LA River Center & Gardens First Earth Day 2013 The primary purpose of North East Trees' initiatives is to create as many opportunities and resources for you
Jack Troinoff center founder of Zeo-Tech 1985 Long Beach Convention Center at CLCA Show
in those days. Zeolite can take the place of
pearlite and vermiculite in potting soil.
Marketed as Magic Mineral Zeolite.

Eric Garcetti at USS Iowa Host the first annual Veterans Day with
Council member Joe Buscaino and Council Member Eric Garcettis 
memories of his Grand Father 2012
My Dad Jack was a motion picture caterer and Teamster ca 399 driver. When we did his documentary I learned more about him then any of us ever knew. Jack was not much for sharing the past. Our skilled interviewer got Jack to open up.

Sunsets intensity the drama, energy and mystery of the city. Bonnie Lambert Fine Artist visit her web site to see more